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toffee crunch pie 2

Special delivery from Darden herself to bring us Toffee Crunch Pie

Toffee Crunch Pie
from Darden’s Delights
toffee crunch pie2

This take-and-bake
Shepard’s Pie from Pie Bar
is the perfect easy meal.

Best guac and chips in town!
creole soup

Creole Soup
from @Ladyfingers is always a delicious choice

Rosemary Chicken Pot Pie
 It cooks from frozen and it’s to die for!

mini rosemary pie

Always stocked and ready to help you
put together the perfect
charcuterie board.

Have you tried our frozen pizzas?
A quick and tasty option for any night of the week!


We have the funniest new coasters that everyone is loving! Grab a bottle of wine and some of these and it makes the perfect gift! 

How about some Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc for … well, anytime?! Come shop our carefully curated wine selection.

cloudy bay

Come shop our carefully curated baby section for a variety of gifts and clothes!

We are proud to support our local vendors. Have you tried our delicious black garlic paste and seasoning salts? Tasty and good for you!