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toffee crunch pie 2

Special delivery from Darden herself to bring us Toffee Crunch Pie

Toffee Crunch Pie
from Darden’s Delights
toffee crunch pie2

We’re feeling all the spring vibes in the shop! Swing in to  pick up something cheerful while you’re here!

Make it Friday! Everyday!
Swing by and grab all your goodies!!
creole soup

Creole Soup
from @Ladyfingers is always a delicious choice

Rosemary Chicken Pot Pie
 It cooks from frozen and it’s to die for!

mini rosemary pie
chip and dip

We’ve got all the dips, desserts, and dinners you could need. Here till 5!

Guess what?! @Strivefoods is back in our coolers!!! We are so excited to offer Claudine’s amazing and oh sooo healthy food to Vinings. Swing by soon!!


We have the funniest new coasters that everyone is loving! Grab a bottle of wine and some of these and it makes the perfect gift! 

The prettiest bottle of Rose’ that you ever did see is here, just in time for Summer! Perfect as a gift and a beautiful addition to any of our custom gift baskets. It’s a limited run, so swing by and grab a bottle or two. We know you’ll love it!


Spring has sprung! Drop in and walk out with a handful of spring!

Beautiful bundles to brighten your day!!